About Me

Name: Marisa Mertins

Age: 20 years old

Education: Junior at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Major: Communications – Emphasis in Public Relations

Minor: Advertising

Hi there! My name is Marisa Mertins, if you didn’t already know. I’d like to introduce myself to you, besides the basic information you’ve already gotten from the excerpt above.

I’m finishing up my second semester of my junior year, with the plans to graduate next semester. It’s both terrifying and exciting! I’m someone who loves to travel, I’ve gone to a ton of different places in my short twenty years of life and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. My next destination is London and The Netherlands this summer, I can’t wait! With this being said, I would love to travel outwards of Wisconsin in the future with my career, but I’m not limiting myself to any one single destination, I’m open to anything!

Along with this, I’ve been in a sorority for two years now, going on 3 and I can say it’s been an incredible opportunity. Through my positions that I will give a description about I’ve learned so many communication skills, leadership skills, and knowledge that I can put to the test in real life situations, not just classroom examples. I’m house manager for a house full of 20+ girls, which means I keep this house up and running by having monthly meetings with the girls in the house as well as with our housing corporation. I’ve also been granted the opportunity to become the Public Relations Coordinator on the executive board of Panhellenic council, which is the overarching body of hundreds over girls involved in Greek life, I can’t wait to see where that opportunity takes me.

I’ll have to cut myself short here, I could write forever, it’s one of my favorite things to do. But, over this website you will find more information about me, my portfolio and experience, as well as my aspirations.


Marisa Mertins


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